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The Keepers is the first in this trilogy.  Keep a look out for other adventures, too!

The Keepers
ISBN-13: 978-1979565028

Shaylee Stewart and her dog, Maddy, live with her mother in an old Atlanta hotel where magicians, dwarfs, and circus performers roaming the halls is an everyday occurrence. According to her eccentric mother, Shaylee even has a “real” Fairy Godmother. Puh-leeze! Shaylee will be 13 this year, too old to buy into her mother’s fairy tales, but old enough to make her own choices. Like who can come to her birthday party.

No more boring “circle of elders” spewing advice. This year, Shaylee wants a sleepover with her best friends. And she plans on telling her mother just that…until she and Maddy chase a pie-stealing weasel through a portal into a magical and dangerous alternate universe. What she learns in this new dimension could save her own world, or destroy it forever.


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