About Me

LG Bridges lives in an art-filled home on a hill in a valley nestled at the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband Don and three dogs. Zoey is a Lab / Australian Shepherd mix, Itsy Bitsy is a Spaniel / Border Collie Mix, and Max is an Australian Shepherd.


The companionship and setting are ideal for the inspiration needed to write, paint, or draw—which she does at least one of on a daily basis—when not visiting with her five grown children, six (soon to be eight) grandchildren, or assorted in-laws and outlaws.


Younger friends and family members can usually be found playing in a puppet theater that’s hidden behind a secret door or hiding out in the bunk beds disguised as cupboards. The adults can be found gathered around the fire pit or the dining table.


Bridges graduated from the University of North Texas with a BFA in Drawing & Painting, a minor in English, and nearly enough Elementary Ed classes for a second degree. She spent one glorious summer at Boston Art Institute participating in a Plein Air Painting class. She was a longtime member of Rosemary Daniell’s Atlanta Zona Rosa writing workshop, and is currently a member of Georgia Writers and a peer review group called Wordslingers.

Job experiences include everything from waiting tables, painting murals, running an antique booth, staging homes, sales and marketing, working for magazines, being a programming coordinator for an arts center, to even owning a restaurant.


Bridges has a history of volunteerism, usually involving either children or the arts. She considers all these experiences to be grist for the writing mill.


“I enjoy creating settings and developing a plot,” she says, “but my favorite is conversation. My characters talk to me, and I write down what they say. I often don’t know where a story is going, but my characters take me there." 

Let them take you there, too.  You will be glad you came along for the ride.


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